Over the last years, Poland has become the fastest economically developing European state.Innovativeness of our economy manifests in ability and motivation of local governments and entrepreneurs to seek new solutions, ideas and conceptions.It leads to creation of new products, improvement of technologies, increased effectiveness and at the same time competitiveness of economy in the presence of other countries.

Within the frames of the cohesion policy of the European Union, local governments receive co-financing for transportation infrastructure, environmental protection, tourism development, culture, social infrastructure, educational level improvement and unemployment reduction and create Special Economic Zones and Business Incubators.

The Polish private sector prevails in gross domestic product and employment. The European Commonwealth has become our most important business partner. Since our accession to the European Union, we have gained access to the abundant European market, agricultural export has increased, import of new technologies has become easier and investors has been flooding in.

Forecasting, proper shaping and generating a specialisation profile of the Polish regions, specifying in which direction our economy should go are perceived as motive forces of the competitive and innovative economic development of the Voivodeships and presentation of their business partners in respect to promotion of individual regions.